White Water Rafting

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Kithulgala is situated in the middle of the Kegalle and Nuwara Eliya districts, nourished by the Kelani River where there’s a numerous attraction of Tourists as well as Local visitors. River Kelani plays a major part at Kithulgala by giving an 8 – 10 km length of natural White Water Rafting for the seekers of adventure and it is the only place in Sri Lanka where you can do White Water Rafting safely. It contains of 17 continuous natural rapids.

What is Rafting?

Rafting is a sport where you will travel down a river on a raft with facing various kinds of rapids.

The History of White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka

In 1840, White Water Rafting was founded in United States of America by Lt. John Fremont and Horace H. Day and was well structured in 1970. Also it was nominated as an Olympic Sport in 1972. After around two decades in middle of 1990, a British person named Peter Stewart discovered Kithulgala as a perfect place for White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka. After the birth of White Water Rafting in Sri Lanka, sports committees organize national White Water Rafting championships in every once a year.

Doing White Water Rafting as a sport not only gives someone a hobby but also teaches us great lessons such as team work, obeying to one command, team spirit, how to concentrate on one work and most importantly when you’re facing some challenges in your day today life that the answer for the challenge lays inside the challenge. Being able to understand and learn these lesson will surely makes a better you for the tomorrow.

There are two types of White Water Rafting in Kithulgala.

* 5km Rafting - - In 5km White Water Rafting you will face 3 to 3+ level rapids with 3 killer rapids and 4 small rapids. This is mostly suitable for beginners as well as experienced adventure seekers.

* 10km Rafting - In 10km White Water Rafting you will face 5, 6, 7 level rapids and all the rapids are extreme rapids where you will get to experience various kind of challenges. This is mostly suitable for experienced adventure seekers.

Night White Water Rafting

Night White Water Rafting takes place at night and with the help light of your headlamps, you will have to do rafting down the Kelani River. This will give you an extraordinary experience and you will realize the true meaning of team spirit as well as team work.

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