Waterfall Hunting in Kalupahana

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Bambarakanda Falls and Lanka Falls are two of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Through an adventurous trekking you’ll get the opportunity to experience the highest waterfall, Bambarakanda Falls in Sri Lanka which has a height of 241 meters and it has recognized as the 299th highest waterfall in the world and 48th among the 100 highest waterfalls in the world. Kalupahana is the nearest town to these two waterfalls.

Passing the path to these two waterfalls is also giving another wonderful experience to the hikers because it has winds and mesmerizing sceneries its way across a dramatic landscape with massive mountain ranges and Pine Forest. Hiking through these Pine forest is a little bit tricky because the Pine leaves make the floor slippery at best. After a few miles of trekking, the base of the Bambarakanda Falls can be reached. Here, hikers can experience the continuous spray of icy water with the cold breeze and breath taking view. Especially at the dry season, the rocks of this waterfall make a perfect friendly pool where the hikers can enjoy having a bath in the edge of the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

After a few minutes of trekking up the mountain, the hikers will come across in an isolated area where they’ll hear the sound of a waterfall. With few steps of trekking through the Pine trees, the hikers will see the Lanka Falls. The Lanka Fall got its name because the base pool of the fall resembles the tear-drop shape of Sri Lanka. Hikers will get to experience a surrounding where they are surrounded by rocks and the beauty of the Lanka Falls. Although the base of the Lanka Falls looks like a pool, hikers are advised not to get in the water due to the high depth of the water.

We will start the package after warmly welcome beside the Bambarakanda falls and breakfast will be provided. You will be able to capture a great view of the waterfall at distant and the surroundings around the waterfall from an open area while having your breakfast. After having your breakfast, the trail will be stated after visiting the area where the waterfall falls.

With the misty dew falling from the waterfall you will be able to have a glimpse on the mighty Bambarakanda falls fallings from above 720 feet. After that entering to the vast pines forest the trail will be with rocky obstacles and a slight path reaching a high elevation in a matter of time. Reaching to the top of the forest area you will be able to see the whole area surrounding Bambarakanda falls and the distant mountain ranges of Wangedigala and Gommoliya.

The trail will reach more high elevations with the vast pines forest before reaching the summit level of the Bambarakanda falls. Reaching the summit there is view around the Kalupahana area and you will get the opportunity to witness the area where the water of falls starts falling. Natural pool baths are possible on top of the falls. After visiting the summit level of the waterfall the trail will lead back to the second destination which is lanka Ella.

The pathway to go to the waterfall is known as the devil’s pathway. Hiking along the grass lands surrounding with the vast mountain ranges lanka Ella can be reached from a matter of time. Natural pool baths and water activities are possible around the lanka Ella waterfall. The surrounding area is typical area like a tropical rainforest.

We will reach back to the starting point of the hike and lunch will be provided. You can have a fresh bath and changes with a free time to have a rest until evening tea time.


  • * Entrance fee
  • * Welcome drink
  • * Buffet lunch
  • * Evening tea
  • * Changing Rooms
  • * Professional hiker / guide
  • * Photography during the hike (*required minimum 20 members)


  • * Beverages and Alcohol
  • * First-aid
  • * Transport


  • * Walking shoes, clothing suitable for hiking and water activities, rain coats, personal things with a small backpack.
  • * Personal first aid kit.
  • * A Dettol antiseptic bottle for leaches. (You can buy in any Pharmacy)


  • * You can leave your baggage's / personal things at the guesthouse.
  • * Meals are provided assuming customers are non-vegetarians.
  • * Guests who are between 12 & 6 half a rate will be charged. Those who are below 6 can walk in free.
  • * Increasing the number of participants will reduce the total cost for one person.

We will provide transportation only if the customer requested.

  • A/C Car

Maximum number of passengers allowed to a car is 3/4 persons.

  • Toyota Caravan (A/C or non-A/C)

Maximum number of passengers allowed to a van is 10/11 persons.

  • Toyota Hiace Van (A/C or non-A/C)

Maximum number of passengers allowed to a van is 14/15 persons.

  • Toyota Coaster Bus

Maximum number of passengers allowed to a van is 24/25 persons.


  • * From Colombo - 180 km
  • * From Negombo - 214 km
  • * From Kandy - 114 km
  • * From Haputale - 24 km

* Rapid Adventures Team will not take responsibility for the damage that occur during the activity to your smart devices.
* Make sure you have your own health insurance.
* At every time customer MUST OBEY the rules and guidance given by Rapid Adventures team.
* Since this is a hike and a camping, customer must not expect luxury facilities.
* Sri Lankan Government Regulations – No plants, animals live or dead remove from any sites are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
* Personal effects for warm, windy, cold and rainy conditions have to be carried by clients.
* Customer has to pay a non-refundable half payment BEFORE 15 DAYS.
* Rest of the payment MUST BE PAID on or before the starting day.

* Our customer satisfaction and safety is our first priority.
* We will make remarkable memories.
* Friendly customer care.
* Well experience and professional staff.
* You can satisfy with what you pay for us.
* Well qualified for years and we win over the customer’s faith.

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