Waterfall Abseiling at Kitulgala

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Sandun Ella is a beautiful waterfall at Kitulgala with a height of 105ft. The road to Sandun Ella lays in Belilena road which is a famous large cave situated in Sri Lanka as well as it holds evidence of a lost generation of Sri Lanka some 12,000 years old; at this time the cave was occupied by Balangoda Man, described as Homo Sapiens Balangodensis by Paul E. P. Deraniyagala who found ten skeletons of these people.

Passing this ancient historical place you will arrive at the stunning waterfall Sandun Ella. An experience of adrenaline and achievement filled waterfall which you will experience abseiling 105ft descent. Starting from the top of the waterfall giving you a panoramic view of the mountains and rain forests where you will also have to hike to get to the top of the waterfall.

The intense and powerful feeling of the water combined with the fact that you are hanging on a rope and that there is nothing but water beneath and above, will give adrenalin push like you have never experienced before.

What is Abseiling?

Abseiling is descending a rock face or other near-vertical surface by using a doubled rope coiled round the body and fixed at a higher point.

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