Trekking Excursion to Alagalla

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Alagalla Mountain Range or “Potato Mountain Range” bordering the Central and Sabaragamuwa Province of Sri Lanka acted as a natural barrier to protect the Central part of Sri Lanka from invasions of Western powerful nations such as Portuguese, Dutch and English for approximately five centuries (1505 - 1948).

The peak of the mountain is about 1100 meters above sea level and the total climb from Ihala Kotte is about 800m. When travelling to Kandy, this mountain can be easily recognized with his height compared to other mountain ranges around him, giving the travellers an astonishing view of Mother Nature.

Heading up the mountain, the hikers will have to encounter with Leeches. The wet climate of the mountain, makes a perfect living home for leeches to grow. The peak can be reached by mysterious climb through the Savannah-like-grass and the beauty of the nature. When the hikers hit the top of this mountain they’ll witness the breathtaking surrounding sceneries of other mountain ranges, traditional paddy farming, plantations, historical places, religious places and the city of Kandy.

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