The Lone Mountain Kirigalpoththa

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Kirigalpoththa is the 2nd highest mountain of Sri Lanka. With a peak elevation of 2388 meters above mean sea level and is also the highest mountain in the country whose summit is accessible to the hikers (The Piduruthalagala mountain is the highest but it’s occupied by military base and off-limits to the public). The summit of this mountain can be reached overtaking various terrains and obstacles via the Horton Plains National Park, although the trail is not very popular giving a curious experience to the hikers.

Kirigalpoththa is the highest point in the Horton Plains National Park which 7000 meters trail will take around 5½ hours of trekking and mountaineering challenges through wonderful nature and breathtaking sceneries of Horton Plains National Park. Giving the hikers a whole new level of experience, hikers may sometimes come across Leopards and Sambar Deer which can be seen only in Southern Asia and if you are lucky, you may even encounter the endemic Bear Monkey which can be seen in Horton Plains National Park.

Trekking through the grassy plains, cloud forest, bog and spectacular sceneries will fade away the tiredness of hiking and will give hikers an extra strength to reach the summit.

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