Hike to Thotupola Kanda

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Thotupola Kanda, also referred as the Thotupola Peak or Thotupola Mountain is situated in Nuwara Eliya District, Sri Lanka with a peak elevation of 2357 meters above mean sea level making it as the 3rd highest mountain in Sri Lanka. The mountain was given the name Thotupola Kanda because it has served as the landing place for King Rawana as he was returning from India. When King Rawana kidnapped Sita, he took off in his flying machine and brought her to Sri Lanka. Thotupola Kanda peak had been King Rawana’s first landing place and thus is was named “Thotupola” (Sinhala word for a landing place).

Thotupola Kanda is situated in Horton Plains National Park along with other mountain ranges such as Kirigalpoththa Mountain and World’s End. The interesting thing about hiking Thotupola Kanda is, it starts to ascend from the start and the total ascend is about 250 meters and the total trail is about 1.5 kilometres. The trail leads to the summit of the mountain through tunnels of trees, Bamboo shrubs and soggy stretches giving the hike an extra adventure feeling. After trekking through the tunnels of trees hikers will come across a clear path where they can enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view of the mountain ranges, valleys and the plains around them. Also on a clear day, hikers can enjoy the panoramic view of Sri Pada (Adam’s Peak) a site sacred to Buddhists.

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