2 Days Expedition of Kalupahana

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Two day hiking and camping expedition in which you will get to see the wonders of Wangedigala and Bambarakanda falls. From gazing into the night sky from Devil’s Staircase in Wangedigala to spending the next day on the top of the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka, Bambarakanda Falls, the best way to spend one’s holiday with adventurous and exciting experiences.

About Wangedigala

Wangedigala and Wangedigala mountain is located in a beautiful village called Kalupahana. The name Wangedigala is the Sinhala (Language) name for “Pestle”. It is given the name Wangedigala (Pestle) because the top of the mountain looks like a Pestle. Wangedigala and Wangedigala Mountain are two different peaks where most locals and as well as Tourist hikers consider as the same peak. Wangedigala is a rock platform on the left side of the mountain that resembles a stage area and offers exquisite view of the surrounding area.

Hiking through the Pine forest of Wangedigala, hikers will experience the beauty of mountain ranges around them and breathtaking sceneries of Bambarakanda Fall and Lanka Fall which are falling from the neighbour mountain of Wangedigala. Hikers will get to cross Bambarakanda Falls from a rope bridge which will also be an exciting experience.

While enjoying the terrains of mountain Wangedigala, hikers will require to climb on steep mountain slopes covered with Pine needles. Extra care should be exercised as this can become slippery when dry.

About Bambarakanda Falls and Lanka Falls

Bambarakanda Falls and Lanka Falls are two of the most beautiful waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Through an adventurous trekking you’ll get the opportunity to experience the highest waterfall, Bambarakanda Falls in Sri Lanka which has a height of 241 meters and it has recognized as the 299th highest waterfall in the world and 48th among the 100 highest waterfalls in the world. Kalupahana is the nearest town to these two waterfalls.

Passing the path to these two waterfalls is also giving another wonderful experience to the hikers because of its winds and mesmerizing sceneries its way across a dramatic landscape with massive mountain ranges and Pine Forest. Hiking through these Pine forest is a little bit tricky because the Pine leaves make the floor slippery at best. After a few miles of trekking, the base of the Bambarakanda Falls can be reached. Here, hikers can experience the continuous spray of icy water with the cold breeze and breath taking view. Especially at the dry season, the rocks of this waterfall make a perfect friendly pool where the hikers can enjoy having a bath in the edge of the highest waterfall in Sri Lanka.

After a few minutes of trekking up the mountain, the hikers will come across in an isolated area where they’ll hear the sound of a waterfall. With few steps of trekking through the Pine trees, the hikers will see the Lanka Falls. The Lanka Fall got its name because the base pool of the fall resembles the tear-drop shape of Sri Lanka. Hikers will get to experience a surrounding where they are surrounded by rocks and the beauty of the Lanka Falls. Although the base of the Lanka Falls looks like a pool, hikers are advised not to get in the water due to the high depth of the water.

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