3 Day Expedition at Meemure

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Meemure is a village of Sri Lanka near the border between Kandy District and Matale District in the Knuckles Mountain Range with the population about 400. Meemure is one of the most remote villages in Sri Lanka with the only access via a 14km trail from the town of Loolwatte. To imagine how remote this village is, there is no cellular service to this village; only the CDMA telephones are available. Meemure village owns an exceptional natural beauty. It is rich with natural beauty as well as Traditional Sri Lankan styles. Villagers of Meemure depend on several staple crops including pepper, cardamom, paddy and ginger.

Driving through the Knuckles Range on a gravel road, you will arrive at a spot from where continuous range of stone ridges were seen lining the sideway of the road. These stone ridges indicate you that you’re entering the Meemure village lying in a valley amidst the Vamarapuagala, Uda Vannimana and Palle- Vannimana and Lakegala Peak. An aura of serenity pervaded this quaint little village, the life-style and its traditional values zealously guarded by its elders from the ‘pollution’ of rapid technological developments. Acres and acres of green paddy fields stretching endlessly, dotted here and there with patches of arecanut trees or reed-bushes; cattle grazing peacefully in home-gardens; the boundaries of houses and lands demarcated by stone-ridges with stones piled neatly one on top of the other; wooden fences leading to large home-gardens with rock stones as steps to the houses and the Karambaganga Ela gently flowing by marking one boundary of Meemure. This is the first impression of this environment-friendly peaceful village of Meemure boasting of a history dating to the period of Ravana and long before the advent of Prince Vijaya to Lankapura.

The trail starts quite easily through the paddy fields but starts to takes its toll later on. Trekking up the trail hikers come across many risky steeps where they have be cautious at all the time. Safety First! Further hiking through the forest with the help of trees for climbing, and as they go nearly up to the summit hikers will have to maneuver closer to the edge of the rock where the Navarathna waterfall making this falls. When the hikers finally arrive at the top of the Navarathna Falls they can enjoy a sensational feeling like no other. On the way to the Navarathna Falls hikers will get to cross a small waterfall called Ice Wala. Ice Wala (English definition for Ice Hole) name was given to this waterfall because of the cold water of this waterfall. Hikers can rest there if they feel they need some rest.

Spending the night in the Meemure camp where there is a special place reserved for camping at night or day is going to be another memorable night. The camp site where it is surrounded by the jungle of Meemure will clearly make memories.

On the next day hikers can experience the Sooriya Arana Falls where they can enjoy natural water activities like in no other place. The Sooriya Arana Waterfall contains of natural water slides and ponds that can definitely be a mesmorizing experience for everyone. The Sinhala movie “Sooriya Arana” was filmed around this waterfall and if you get to watch the movie you’ll release how badly you want to come to Sooriya Arana Waterfall. Then after the enjoyment of the waterfall hikers can hike down the mountain with the surrounding beauty of nature where they’ll come to the base village and have the lunch and enjoy the surrounding of the village.

We will convey you direct to the campsite since somehow you will get late to come from Hunnasgiriya to Meemure village. Then you can have your lunch from there. We will provide you with the lunch. After the lunch we will give a guide to you. He will be dealing with you full time. You can plan your activities schedule with the guide.

Then either you can spend your evening freely by explore the beauty of surrounding, explore the beauty of the village and you can feel the beauty of agrophilus or you can depart to another activity.

We will be organizing a campfire in the evening for you at the campsite. You can enjoy there by singing songs.

After the dinner you can have a memorable night that you have never experienced before in the tents.

When the Second day morning comes we will not be able to believe our eyes. It will be that much of beautiful with many sceneries. You can have your bed tea and breakfast in the campsite with exploring the beauty of the surrounding.

Then we will have to get ready to go to the biggest activity in the package. We will leave to see the beautiful view of the deep end in the knuckles. It is worlds end. This is very adventurous and this is a nature trail. This is a very nature close tour and in between this tour we will have the lunch.

In the evening we will come back to the campsite.

We will arrange a special BBQ with the campfire in the evening. As same as the first day you have the chance to get a maximum fun. After the dinner you can have a deep slumber.

When the third day morning begins as same as the second day it will be more beautiful. After the breakfast we will be leaving to Sooriya arana to do water activities.

This is the location which famous movie Sooriya arana has screened. On this location you have the chance to do anything what you wishing to do with water and you can get your own freedom. Not only that there are many activities also.

Rock sliding, natural pool bathing and also this is the Sri Lankan natural. Also You can try that adventurous moment tallest confidence jump. This would be safe to parents and as same as the children to get the maximum at this place.

After the water activities you can have the lunch in the campsite. You could be able to leave after spending the evening by relaxing.


  • * 7 Meals (Begining from the first day lunch)
  • * Camping site with all facilities
  • * Camping tents (Including metress)
  • * BBQ Night
  • * Campfire
  • * All camping equipment
  • * Professional hiker / guide
  • * All safety equipment for water activities


  • * Beverages and Alcohol
  • * First-aid
  • * Transport


  • * Walking shoes, clothing suitable for hiking and night stay, rain coats, personal things with a small backpack.
  • * Personal first aid kit.
  • * A Dettol antiseptic bottle for leaches. (You can buy in any Pharmacy)


  • * We arrange the BBQ night if only the customer is interested.
  • * Meals are provided assuming customers are non-vegetarians.
  • * Guests who are between 12 & 6 half a rate will be charged. Those who are below 6 can walk in free.
  • * Increasing the number of participants will reduce the total cost for one person.

Since this is a rural area we can provide you transport from Hunnasgiriya town / Kandy town or requests are possible as you desire.

  • 4x4 Mahindra Cab

Maximum number of passengers allowed to a cab is 12/13 persons.

  • Toyota Hiace Van

Maximum number of passengers allowed to a van is 15/18 persons.


  • * From Colombo - 217 km
  • * From Negombo - 190 km
  • * From Kandy - 82 km
  • * From Hunnasgiriya - 39 km

* Rapid Adventures Team will not take responsibility for the damage that occur during the activity to your smart devices.
* Make sure you have your own health insurance.
* At every time customer MUST OBEY the rules and guidance given by Rapid Adventures team.
* Since this is a hike and a camping, customer must not expect luxury facilities.
* Sri Lankan Government Regulations – No plants, animals live or dead remove from any sites are STRICTLY PROHIBITED.
* Personal effects for warm, windy, cold and rainy conditions have to be carried by clients.
* Customer has to pay a non-refundable half payment BEFORE 15 DAYS.
* Rest of the payment MUST BE PAID on or before the starting day.

* Our customer satisfaction and safety is our first priority.
* We provide you with quality safety equipment (Life jackets and Helmets).
* Friendly customer care.
* Well experience and professional staff.
* You can satisfy with what you pay for us.
* Well qualified for years and we win over the customer’s faith.

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