Canyoning at Kitulgala

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Dare to jump? Dare to be challenged? Let’s test how much confidence you have in yourself and how much you trust yourself. It’s fun and exciting at the same time.

Canyoning (Basic)

Canyoning takes part in Kataran-Oya at Kitulgala where you will have to trek around 2kms into the wild and reach a destination where you will be surrounded by natural pools, water slides and mesmorizing beauty of the nature. There are 7 natural pools which are extremely beautiful and an amazing creation of our mother nature where you will be able to test yourself beyond the limits by doing confidence jumping and natural water sliding activities.

Sliding down an inclined 5meter waterfall will give you pleasure while jumping into the pools of Kataran-Oya will question your self-confidence as well as how much you trust yourself. There are 4 jumps and 3 sliding in Kataran-Oya. After doing those unforgettable activities you can refresh yourselves by having a cold bath in those pools and head back to the road with wonderful memories and stories to tell.

Canyoning (Advanced)

Advance Canyoning takes part in Mannakethi Ella at Kitulgala. Taking the highway from Kitulgala over a bridge to Malwatte, from there you’ll have to trek the mountain above the Girankitha-Oya reservoir for around 3kms until you reach a footpath. After about trekking 400m into the wild you will reach the Mannakethi Ella.

Mannakethi Ella has height of 200ft (60m). The name Mannakethi was formed when people used to wash their tools in this Ella and “Manna” means knives and “Kethi” means hatchet. The source of this fall is the Girankitha-Oya reservoir that is served in turn by the western slopes of the Unagula Mountain. Mannakethi Ella gradually meets the Kelani River and nourish the Kelani River.

Mannakethi Ella is also famous for confidence jumping, water sliding and now people in this village has started to do zip lining also. Mannakethi Ella has more advance confidence jumps and waterslides than Kataran-Oya. The height confidence jump in Mannakethi Ella is around 40ft high and where the Kataran-Oya has a height of around 15ft for confidence jumping. Waterslides are also advance and also longer than the Kataran-Oya waterslides. This is a true place for brave hearts and to test yourself off the limits.

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